New website



RedTraSex launched a bilingual web portal where shares institutional material and information about their work and their organizations.

October began with the opening of a new website that provides news and material of RedTraSex available to everyone in a simple and dynamic way. In this new space it can be found audios and videos, press releases and policy statements and updated news of each organization. «REDTRASEX recognize the importance of new technologies. Our intention is that this new web site will become a communication platform for all people who want to know about our work and our organizations. On the other hand, we wanted it to also be a site of collaboration between us, we’ll have private access to an intranet to share all the daily material», said Elena Reynaga, RedTraSex Executive Secretary. «We will add information to the site constantly, so it will be a website that can be visited periodically, as it is never static».

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