Courage and perseverance



Towards the end of the last details of the negotiations with the Global Fund, REDTRASEX prepares to start executing their regional proposal.

On October 13, we received the Global Fund in our Executive Headquarters in Argentina. We were visited by Lucas Occhini, portfolio manager of the regional proposal of the RedTraSex, and after two days of arduous work and debate, we withstood out negotiation. To be honest, we were very nervous, but once again we showed that sex workers women have many capabilities. We were able to negotiate and defend our proposal, primarily because we are familiar with the needs of our group throughout the region. Defending what we dreammed then, is almost an instinctive matter. If all goes well, on November 29 we will be signing with the Global Fund. In early January of next year we will be ready to start running the project.
We have much work ahead. We release a new website where we were working very hard during these months, thinking on the best way to show you everything we do and share our daily fight. We know that to start a large project requires courage and finally, perseverance. For a world without violence, without stigma or discrimination, we are ready to do so.

Elena Eva Reynaga,
RedTraSex Executive Secretary


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