Unity is strength


This sentence makes more sense than ever for RedTraSex from the last visit of the Executive Secretariat to Nicaragua, where the National Network of Sex Workers Women was formed.

The Asociación Civil Girasoles and the Asociación Civil Golondrinas signed an agreement which gave rise to the National Network of Sex Workers Women of Nicaragua. The goal of the alliance is that both institutions to work together to achieve national coverage in terms of rights of sex workers women, with specific objectives and participate together in the Country Coordinating Mechanism for projects of Global Fund to fights AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The founding institutions of the network agreed to form the coordination team with fellows from both organizations. This commission must ensure the international relations for resource mobilization and evaluation of projects that the network presents.

When consulting the protagonists of this story, they said that this step is a key milestone in the fight of organized sex workers women in Nicaragua. “United in the same network we can require for our rights more effectively to the national government, influence in policies to create and enact legislation that recognizes sex work as any other work, with the same rights and opportunities as any other citizen, without any stigma or discrimination”, said the fellows of Las Golondrinas.

From Girasoles said that the work of the network will complement experiences and sue for the rights of fellows across the country, with greater visibility and territorial presence. “With the same ideas, but with more organizational strength, because we are united. There are organizations that support the networks and we will apply for them to support us so as to pursue larger projects”, said María Elena Dávila, president of the organization.

To be most respected, recognized as legal persons, with improved access to health and education are some of the key issues that demand Nicaraguan fellows, and they hope to achieve with the strength that will give this new union. “We will be recognized nationally and internationally, we will have better access to justice and the rights enshrined in the Constitution of Nicaragua and the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the United Nations”, said the members of Las Golodrinas.

Both associations have a long history in the defense of sex workers women. In both cases the need to work against discrimination and violence generated by a culture of double standards, that consumes and blames the sex work, led the organization.

Today a new stage, both Golondrinas and Girasoles are going for more justice, more rights and recognition of sex work as a work activity. Organizations grow and strengthen, and RedTraSex celebrates.

New authorities in Panama

As part of her trip to accompany the various organizations of the Network, RedTraSex Executive Secretary and RedTraSex Policy Coordinator visit Nicaragua, and then went to Panama to work with members of the Red Nacional de Mujeres con Dignidad of Panama.

The agenda of the three days of work was swollen and turbulent, but between assessment and planning was achieved appoint a new substitute focal point in the network in Panama, Marianela Aedo Rijo, who will be responsible to accompany the work being done by Juana Torrez as head of the network.

Another key achievement for the network was the press conference given by Reynaga, who, based on the case of Colombia, highlighted the problem of repression against sex workers women by security forces, the lack of access to comprehensive health care and how positive it is to have an organization of sex workers women to fight when their rights are denied.

Her remarks were received and disseminated by local and international press, but especially by the Organization of American States (OAS), against whom the RedTraSex intends to submit a statement at the next meeting to be held from the 3rd to the 5th of June in Bolivia.

“We will ask the same rights and duties of the rest of the workforce, and denounce the abuse that sex workers women suffer throughout the region”, Reynaga anticipated in the press conference.

Repercussions in the press


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