Strategic litigation: objectives, opportunities and challenges



Different organizations members of RedTraSex attended the “Strategic litigation” workshop by “Red Balance”, progressive feminist organization that seeks to advocate in the design and implementation of public policies on sexual rights.

Haydee Lainez from the Orquídeas del Mar Women’s Movement and a member of the Directive Board of RedTraSex, Fanny Torres from Las Golondrinas, Yanira Tobar from Mujeres en Superación and Karla Pacheco from Red Gestora en Derechos Humanos attended the workshop aimed to analyze the vulnerability of women to HIV and its intimate relationship with human rights.

During the meeting there were cases of successful strategic litigation, as an advocacy tool in public policies- and parallel strategies that should be considered. It was emphasized that, although it is a long process, it is a possible way for any defender of human rights.

Furthermore, the workshop was a training area where the RedTraSex fellows learned about the different regulatory frameworks that ensure sexual and reproductive rights of women and human rights. «Countries have important documents and international agreements to combat discrimination against women, but the lack of knowledge about these regulations and rules difficult to defend against violations of sexual and reproductive rights«, said the president of the movement Orquídeas de Mar.

Another objective was to share work experiences, which is why the representatives of RedTraSex presented the regional work of the network. «It was important to make visible what we do and give our opinion as female sex workers. We prepare a presentation together with the network organizations that were there from which emerged a list of sexual and reproductive rights and barriers that we face as the other women: little or no information about health, low awareness of health workers, sexist language, little interest from decision makers in favor of women, discrimination and health regulations where sexual and reproductive rights are coerced«, said Haydee.

To end the meeting, began the review of a survey conducted by Red Balance to deepen understanding on the situation of women living with HIV in different countries of the region (if they suffer discrimination, how is access to health and medication, among other key issues). The survey will be carried out to populations in which organizations work.
«Ten sex workers fellows from Orquídeas will be responsible for surveying peers. For that will be trained by Balance» said the president of Orquídeas.

Knowledge, coordination and strengthening will contribute with RedTraSex work in ensuring that governments comply with its duty to guarantee sexual and reproductive rights of all women without stigma or discrimination.

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