Sex Workers Women Network of Panama has born


From the union between the fellows in struggle organizations in Panama.

Between February 21 and 23, the first National Meeting of Sex Workers Women was held in Panama. The conference, which included women from nine departments, were funded by local UNAIDS. This was the beginning of a series of encounters that pretend to reach around 90 sex workers Panamanian fellows, to train them in law and health, and provide them tools to become agents “disseminators” of information to their pairs.

The first day, the REDTRASEX Executive Secretary, Elena Reynaga, offered words of welcome to the fellows through a TV conference and then, the workshop began. One of the most important results of the meeting was the decision to form a National Network of Sex Workers Women, because the organizations have a difficult task ahead and they acknowledged that the situation requires coordinating the work for the benefit of the population they represent. Furthermore, through vote, they agreed the representation of the focal points in the Latin American Network: Juana Ramona Torres will be the focal point of Panama for REDTRASEX and Lineth Pinzón the substitute focal point.


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