Information “kiosks”



The Asociación Civil Orquídeas del Mar is conducting information campaigns through a participatory mode that takes place in public and high concurrency places.

As part of a project with the support of UNDP and PASMO, fellows from Asociación Civil Orquídeas del Mar are very active in visiting daily sex work areas in all provinces and developing activities to promote health and prevent STIs. Working modalities are the «kiosks», small tables placed for hours in parks, streets, recreational areas, hotels, etc. Informative and educational materials are displayed and delivered with promotional materials (towels, T-shirts, pens, caps and others). They carry out surveys and demonstrations of use of male and female condoms, as well as face to face approaches to fellow sex workers women. They also carried out workshops and participative and recreational dynamics for both, workers and customers. Other places are bus and taxis terminals, bars and pubs.

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