An uneasy calm



Numerous denounces by ASMUBULI members to human rights organizations, stopped the persecution of sex workers women, however this does not mean that the problem is resolved.

After the scandal where men of the security forces of President Obama were protagonists during the Summit of the Americas for refusing to pay sex workers women they had hired, Colombian police began a literal persecution of the 21 women sex workers women hired. From the RedTraSex organization referent of Colombia, they have done a hard work to make visible what happened and this gave results.

We denounce before the Human Rights Office, Ombudsman’s Office, the Colombian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Protection the violation of rights of our Cartagena sex workers fellows, especially those involved in the scandal. They have been accused of generating this scandal, accusing them of falsifying names, when we always work with fancy names, or to generate scandal in public, when they were working and they were victims of exploitation”, said Fidelia Suarez, president of ASMUBULI.

In the statement that fellow sex workers presented the different organisms it is required, among other issues, that the Colombian government and the U.S. recognize the security officials from both countries fault; to speak out to the world known to Colombian sex workers women are not terrorists, guerrillas, paramilitaries, drug traffickers or informants, and that they fight every day to defend their income because they supports their homes.

Nationally, sex workers women demand the enforcement in full of the sentence 629 of the Colombian Constitutional Court by recognizing labor rights of sex workers, by providing that, wherever they occur the elements of the employment contract, this office set up a relationship that could be protected by labor law.

Thanks to denounce made in the media and various organisms, harassment by Colombian police ceased- From ASMUBULI awaits an official response. “We are awaiting a response from the mayor of Cartagena, where we ensure that there have been no criminal record for the fellows who were imprisoned and persecuted by these facts, as they have been wrongly accused while they were only working”, said Suarez strongly.

Thus, the organization claims to stop criminalizing sex work, and to stop taking it to clandestinity.

New front of attack

In between claims and demands to respect the rights of Colombian women, new sex workers women were arrested on Friday 11th of May in the border town with Ecuador Tulcán.

On the grounds of being “home-destroying, causing violence and alcoholism 5 fellows who worked in an establishment were arrested. They said the place was illegal, but owners were not arrested, only our fellows who were detained for three days”, said the president of ASMUBULI.

With these denounces, the Colombian fellows face a new fight in pursuit of a response from governments, ultimately responsible for ensuring respect for the rights and safety of each and every citizen.

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