Against discrimination and human rights violation



Last April 24, UNES organized a meeting under the framework of the project “Advocacy for building a society with gender equality”.

Together with the organization TATArendy y PANAMBI, UNES presented the monitoring report on the progress of the Regulation Project that repeals the Ordinance 9975/76 to 40 representatives of different public institutions and NGOs.

The importance of this project is that, if enacted a new ordinance, will be the first national regulatory body that defines sex work and it will provide the basis for a broader legal recognition. «The denomination «Sex Work» is the result of a long political and ideological battle that replaced the term prostitution within the framework of the concept of human rights and respect for self-determination of the women involved», said Lucila Maria Esquivel, president of the organization.

Another crucial aspect of the project is Article 3, which takes into account and respects the constitutional right to privacy, as well as excludes the obligation to register female sex workers as the ordinance in effect unconstitutionally establishes since 1976.

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