Workshop for journalists in San Diego



From August 8 to 11, Haydee Lainez from Asociación Civil Orquídeas del Mar, participated on behalf of RedTraSex as exhibitor at the Workshop for journalists on “The Migration of HIV/AIDS” organized by the Institute of the Americas.

This is a training for Latin American communicators where the subject of sex work was included. Workshop was attended by 22 journalists from 19 Latin American television companies and they discussed, together with experts, about the influence of migration on HIV transmission.
During her presentation, our fellow Haydee Lainez explained how journalism can contribute to reducing levels of discrimination that sex workers women are subject. Her presentation began with a brief introduction on REDTRASEX to continue with a detailed explanation on myths about sex work in the media. In addition to the participation of our fellow Haydee Lainez, the workshop was attended by important personalities such as: Andrea Boccardi (UNAIDS), Amy Weisman (UNICEF), Ruben Pecchio (American Network of People Living with HIV – RedLa +), Rene Leyva Flores (Mexico National Institute of Public Health), among others.

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