Regional meeting of the International Alliance



From 2nd to 5th of October, the Executive Secretary of the RedTraSex will attend the annual regional meeting of the International Alliance in El Salvador.

The meeting —known as Cielito Lindo— seeks to promote the appropriation of the new strategy of the Alliance for Latin America and the Caribbean, to discuss priority issues and trends in the region and the role of the Alliance in this context, to analyze sustainability processes of organizations, among other issues.

Among plenary and presentations, besides reviewing progress since the last meeting, will seek to assess together with its partners the strategy of the Alliance and its current relationship with organizations and networks.

«Cielito Lindo» is a space to work the strengthening of the identity of the Alliance and its partners, deepen the look and focus on the functioning of health systems and human rights but also, and above all things, a time of encounter. The Organizations’ Fair is traditional, where each institution presented their latest works and developments in the HIV response.

RedTraSex will be part of this event in which in addition to sharing the last year progress of the network, will be enriched by new regional experiences. At this point no one can deny that networks are an efficient tool for increasing the capacity of national organizations, for increasing participation in decision-making spaces and the visibility of the problems of these populations. Then, let’s celebrate the meeting.

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