Persecution to female sex workers continues



Today, the leader and member of the national board of A.M.M.A.R., Georgina Orellano, traveled to Comodoro Rivadavia to meet with the mayor and councilors of the city, in order to raise awareness on a measure that violates human and labor rights of our fellows.

This is an ordinance that, among other things, aims to «close the properties functioning as ambits of sexual- supply or sexual exploitation».

From A.M.M.A.R. issued a statement highlighting that «the measure evidences, at first, a gross misunderstanding of the issue, as it mixes what could be a niche of trafficking —as the places where exploits sexual-supply of others—with places where autonomous sex work can be exercised —which is absolutely legitimate, because the work of our fellows is not a crime and is referred to in international treaties signed by our country«.

«This demagogic measure violates the rights of female sex workers, and in no way ‘contributes to the safety of the people’ as the mayor says«, fellows declare.

«Far from being a necessary measure to improve the safety of citizen, these ordinances reveals how political power tries to use us to take action sympathetic to the electorate, but that not really deal with the problem they argue«, adds the statement.

The statement goes on to cite other situations or regulations that violate the rights of sex workers. «As the president’s decree which prohibits advertisement of sexual offer, or the indiscriminate closing of night-spots in Tucumán, or the measure of the province of Córdoba that gives passages to the fellows to return to their places of origin, it is an action that harms female sex workers, who willingly and autonomously exercise this job«.

«We demand not to close indiscriminately night-clubs putting at risk the work-source of our fellows working as alternate or hostesses. It is no necessary to close all night-clubs, but control that they are not exploiting sex work of others. Most of these women are home support«, argue from A.M.M.A.R.

From the organization of female sex workers in Argentina declared that they are pushed to the mafia and clandestinity with effect measures of electoral cutting. «We want an end to human trafficking, penalizing exploiters, pimps and traffickers, but that also guarantees are provided for those who exercise sex work as the form of work that allows us to put food on our tables, so that we can live in dignity as the rest of the working class«, they demand.

They finish the statement calling for an end to measures that violate their rights to work, and requesting the government giving real solutions in the fight against human trafficking.

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