Multitudinary gathering organized by ASMUBULI


ASMUBULI organized a meeting of sex workers, attended by no less than one hundred and five fellows workers from Ipiales.

On 13 July, ASMUBULI fellows organized a meeting of female sex workers in the Central Bank Auditorium attended by 105 female sex worker fellows from Ipiales commune. In this opportunity they dictated a workshop where Dr Betty María Ríos, representative of the Departmental Institute of Health of Nariño, participated as exhibitor and spoke on Rights and Health Insurance. Dr Carlos Andres Ruiz —Secretary of Social Development Office—, Dr John Caicedo and the Representative of the Ipiales commune participated also as exhibitors.
The representative of ASMUBULI Fidelia Suarez spoke about the pros and cons of the Constitutional Court ruling in 629 Sentence from September 2010, of recognizing sex work as labor right.


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