Informative visit to the wastelands of Nanay and Toledo



In August, fellows from the Colectivo de Trabajadoras Sexuales Sarita Colonia made visits to sex work places of Nanay, Toledo (Carapa) and Belén, among other locations, to provide advice on health with special emphasis on HIV / AIDS. In addition, they invited fellows to attend the Reference Center and provided them of material on human rights.

With the objective of greater community involvement in the process of empowerment and human rights of the collective, the partners of the organization have been conducting an intensive field work in areas where sex work is carried out. «That last time we visited many places of work and were able to collect the issues that fellows have suffered a lack of condoms and the miserable state of places where they work», said Silvia Torres Canayo, leader of the movement.

On August 11, they visited wastelands of ​​Nanay and Toledo to perform conversations on citizens’ rights and raise awareness of current legislation. «Fellows are becoming more committed and every day engage in activism and take the initiative to replicate the messages», Silvia said. During the visit, they could reach more than ten fellows who also requested that these meetings are conducted regularly «to learn, among other things, to defend themselves before any operative or mistreatment of bad cops who break the law, discriminating and abusing the workers women».

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