Getting to Zero


Under the slogan “Getting to Zero new HIV infections, Zero stigma and discrimination and Zero AIDS-related deaths”, UNES participated in various activities for December 1.

During the week before the World Day to Combat AIDS, the RedTraSex member organization organized and was part of various activities planned together with the National Program against AIDS (PRONASIDA) and civil society organizations.

UNES and PRONASIDA presented the results of the study of seroprevalence in female sex workers (FSW) —which has not yet been broadcast— research conducted between 2011 and 2012.

«On December 1 from UNES we participate in Plaza de los Héroes —with other social organizations and government entities— of a special event. We organized the stand, education activities, exhibition of the various institutions and organizations working in an articulated manner for giving response to the epidemic. The group Promotoras Pares (Peer Promoters) also performed leafleting in strategic locations, in coordination with the Asociación Tatarendy y Paraguay», told Lucila Esquivel, UNES president and member of the Board.

Among the activities that took place the previous week to December 1st, it should be highlighted: the promotion of voluntary testing for HIV and Syphilis, Workshop on 2.0 Strategy, Cinema Debate, Prevention Marathon and the presentation of the Prevention Strategic Plan.

Some current data on the epidemic: in Paraguay is estimated that there are 12,600 people living with HIV. From 1985 to October 2012 are recorded 11,125 people living with HIV, of which 3498 are AIDS cases. In 2012, 1054 people were diagnosed with HIV, of whom 56% were male and 44% female. The 50% of new infections are in the age group of 20-34 years. Of those diagnosed in 2012, 62 were in the age group of 15-19 years and 98 people were in the age group of 50 years and more, the male-female ratio is 1.26.


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