«With voice and action rights: Immigrant Women Empowered»


Fellows of Fundación Margen are working hard in accompanying immigrant sex workers women, with the support of the Embassy of Finland.

The work aims to strengthen immigrant women engaged in sex work in the metropolitan region, to create a meeting place of personal growth and leadership training in knowledge and social advocacy and organizational empowerment that empower them as social actors from their peers.

Gender, self-management & leadership and violence against women are some of the workshops currently being provided by the Foundation. In addition, together with the Agrupación de Mujeres Migrantes Warmipura, they provide support in all matters related to documentation and legal advice. The Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes also helps in extreme situations where workers women are about to be deported.

The aim of this work is to consolidate the Fundación Margen as a place of welcome and support for women, a place of ​​personal growth and development through fellowship activities, group therapy and technical manual practices, among other activities.


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