«We have rights to full and equal attention in health»



A.M.M.A.R. fellows were trained in “Sexuality and HIV/AIDS” in the framework of the Essential Functions Program and Public Health Programs of the National Ministry of Health.

The purpose of it was to work together with the Ministry in developing a “Good Practices Guide in Health Care for Sex Workers Women”.

The meetings were held during the 15th, 16th and 17th of May at the Gran Hotel de la Paix, located in Buenos Aires downtown. In the presentation they were accompanied by the National Director of the HIV-AIDS Program, Dr. Carlos Falistocco, who said: “We are accustomed the Ministry publishing manuals written down behind a desk; the idea now is that we work together with sex workers women, because they are the ones who know what are the needs they have”.

Thus, at over three days, the fellows told about their working conditions and how this affects their health, problems with care in hospitals and health centers, discrimination and stigma suffered daily.

We share and contribute with many ideas from our stories and experiences to keep in mind when writing the manual, and we make recommendations to health professionals when addressing our issues”, said Claudia Carranza, Secretary General of A.M.M.A.R.

In this regard, one of the recommendations that emerged from the meetings has to do with the need to sensitize all health staff on the rights of sex workers women, “primarily because we are people too and we have rights to equal attention”, the participants exposed.

Also, the conference was attended by Dr. Mariela Osete, Dr. Silvia Chera and Dr. Luciana Betti, who explained on various topics such as contraception, prevention of Uterine-Cervical Cancer, HIV Test, among others.

A very important moment of the meeting was spent working on labor rights and political training. “The goal was that new fellows understand the importance of being organized and the need to fight for sex workers women to have a law regulating autonomous sex work”, argued from A.M.M.A.R.

The organization is currently working on a law draft so that there is a protection and regulation of sex work. Thus, through the law, they are looking for differentiate sex work –exerted by adult women and voluntarily– from trafficking in persons.

Only when our rights are recognized, we can seriously deal with stigma and discrimination we suffer daily. Because we want a law that gives us rights and obligations as any other worker”, say conclusively the fellows that have begun a fierce battle, convinced that “fights are won in the streets and rights are earned by working together”.

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