Towards a national network



In a day filled with good news, as the creation of the Costa Rican national network, La Sala celebrated the International Day of Female Sex Workers.

Nubia Ordoñez, president of the organization referent of the RedTraSex in Costa Rica, said that the project that aims to create a network of female sex workers that reaches the whole country was received very favorably by the fellows.

«For us, the important is to remember spreading what happened in 1975 with female sex workers in France. In our day we have to reflect, celebrate and make visible,» said Nubia.
Reflecting on the learning from years of networking, Nubia stressed that “we are more empowered, and not afraid to appear in the press. We are recognized worldwide as RedTraSex and so, we are invited to events in which we never dreamed to be at”.

Overcoming the fear of stigma and discrimination and to sensitize society about sex work are the challenges of the fellows to defend their rights as workers. «In regard to myself, before I knew the network I did not know I had rights as a human being and even less as a sex worker. The network taught me many things, and today I replicate that learning to my fellows from La Sala«, said Nubia.

Fellows of Costa Rica called for an end to reprisals and abuse of various kinds as a result of the discrimination they face, and reaffirmed their role as women with rights. Also reminded that they will continue denouncing all kinds of abuse they receive. “When organized we have more strength, we feel that we are not alone. Many agencies have believed in us and support us and accompany us in this process. We will work to draft a statement to be presented to the legislators of our country so that our work is recognized as work”, said from La Sala.

With a clear message, and the project of making an act on June 2, 2013 in an open park for more visibility, these women —fighters of life— returned home to continue their work behind closed doors as the mothers they are.

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