The Girasoles organization already has legal status



Girasoles celebrated the start of a new phase with obtaining their legal status as a nongovernmental organization.

In this way, the organization of sex workers women advances in the fight for their rights. According to its president, María Elena Dávila: “This will allow our members have more options for training and support from international organizations, as the state recognizes us”.

While Dávila admits the importance of «Girasoles Nicaragua» has its legal status. She explains that for its structure and history, the organization was recognized by the national government and articulated with the Attorney for the Defense of Human Rights and the Ministry of Health, receiving training. Moreover, the leader of Girasoles said that the organization has made progress in the link with other institutions, as health centers and the National Police.

The organization, which is represented in 8 of the 12 departmental capitals, has 478 members. Dávila said that one of their main demands is that sex work is recognized as work, with full rights to those who exercise it; motto that all RedTraSex organizations drive from their respective places.

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