The fight that is coming



In the framework of the Workshop on Political and Communication Incidence, Eric Carlson who is an ILO expert on the prevention of HIV and AIDS met with RedTraSex members.

The objective was to set agreement points and define future joint efforts. In the extensive meeting Carlson explained the importance of ILO Recommendation Nbr. 200 on HIV and AIDS in the working environment directly involving female sex workers.

In June 2010 ILO government, employers and workers representatives members adopted the first international labor norm specifically aimed at HIV and AIDS: the Recommendation Nbr. 200 has an approach “based on the rights and includes thorough measures aimed at improving access for prevention and treatment as well as eliminating biases and discrimination at working places”, according to the worldwide institution.

In this sense both ILO representatives and Red members agreed that for sexual working women it is paramount to improve working conditions and reducing HIV. “In order for this to be feasible and successful we have to dialogue with SW and include them in prevention activities” stated Carlson who also added: “We look for a real and fertile dialogue with sex workers to reduce HIV related issues and hope this event will be a starting point”, stated the ILO representative when ending his presentation.

The ILO expert explained that no ILO agreement has formally excluded sex workers, indicating that Recommendation Nbr. 200 involves all workers whether in the formal or informal economy.

The ILO presents recommendations and it is the sole responsibility of governments to work on the reduction of HIV levels ensuring better environments to female sex workers.

Red members confirmed that from now on RedTraSex national organizations will try to have a voice defending human and labor rights of all fellow workers in order for governments and unions to promote subjects of interest to female sex workers reaching the ILO.

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