The dreams that keep us together



We´ve been together another June 2nd, the international Sex Workers Day, and we can say we have more reasons to celebrate our coming together. Regretfully not everything is in pink; those who started meeting back in 1997 know this for fact.

During the last months violence against sex workers has increased throughout the region. Just to mention one case, Peruvian peasant patrols have been trying to violent fellow workers in unimaginable ways with police complicity. Throughout Latin America and the Caribbean social and institutional violence is increasing and legal resources many times are used as grounds for aggression. For this reason we were present at the OAS in El Salvador in order to report all these cases and demand an urgent legislation revision at continental and worldwide level before country representatives.
We were also present at a high-level meeting on AIDS in New York where we expressed the civil society standing on the Official Commitment Declaration as well as important key components against HIVS/AIDS among other things.
All the aforementioned and all we are sharing in this newsletter is little to show our leaders daily contribution at neighborhood, country, city levels in order to achieve the dreams that keep us together from the very beginning: a world where sex workers may live free from violence, without stigma nor discrimination.

Elena Eva Reynaga
Redtrasex Executive Secretary

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