Technical assistance for Institutional Strengthening and Political Incidence


From July 11 to 15, the REDTRASEX Executive Secretary visited the Dominican Republic to give technical assistance under the Institutional Strengthening and Political Incidence Project that is being conducted together with International Alliance.

During her stay, she accompanied MODEMU fellows, Miriam Gonzalez and Jaqueline Montero, through different activities including those related to the recent legislation project to establish «tolerance zones» for sex workers women. In this regard, the organization is against the initiative because they considered it as discriminatory. However, on July 12, the Chamber of Deputies sent the draft to the Standing Committee on Justice, Gender and Human Rights, to it to be addressed.
And also, they held a meeting on this topic with the deputy Esther Minyetti, who hinted his position through media arguing that «sex workers women are located in close proximity to workplaces, streets and avenues, and they give not a good example to society». During the meeting, they suggested the legislator thinking public policies pro-woman and against poverty, instead of creating laws full of prejudices.
During her stay in the Caribbean nation, the Executive Secretary with their MODEMU fellows also went through the project that they will begin to implement with REDTRASEX and the Global Fund in 2012.


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