Strengthening and incidence



Facing the big storms that hit Peru and in particular the town of Iquios, Sarita Colonia organization has focused its work on organizational strengthening.

The organization has worked for the first of the year in the annual plan, which includes a strong work on strengthening the institution and political strategies for their work environment.

Among the main objectives raised by the members of Sarita Colonia, were included:

• Sensitize and raise awareness of the SW (sex workers) about HIV/AIDS and their citizens rights.

• Educate the SW population about the importance of their involvement in the prevention of the HIV – AIDS through: Educational talks, Conversations, Open Houses, Direct Approaches.

• Empowering women leaders, independent activists and “Peps”: SW from the SW Associations «Sarita Colonia» and «Las Loretanas» on issues related to Leadership and Implementation of Strategies Against Stigma and Discrimination.

• Carry out a press conference by the International Sex Work Day and publicize the representativeness of the RedTraSex in Iquitos to independent sex workers women, organized sex workers women, “Peps”, SW, institutions and representatives of Community Based Organizations.

• Coordination meetings with representatives of organizations in the SW space, to coordinate actions regarding the strengthening of Organizations and Incidence.

The methodology fellows have lies in meetings with representatives of sex workers women organizations at the headquarters of the organization to discuss issues related to Strengthening of organizations, Leadership, Human Rights, Political Incidence and Reproductive Health. For the latter, be CERITS Obstetricians were invited to expose and work on these and other topics.

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