Sex Workers Women Network in Colombia: a dream becoming closer



In Colombia, ASMUBULI fellows are working intensively on the creation of a Sex Workers Women Network based in Bogota.

«We have many meetings to ask for support from national authorities, and we are working firmly in the construction of new associations to be part of the Network,» said Fidelia Suarez, representative of the organization. Thus, in January, she met with 55 sex workers women in the capital of the department of Bocaya (Tunja) where consensus was reached to open an organization to be called “Asociación de Mujeres Trabajadoras Sexuales con Mente Positiva”.

«In addition to supporting the processes of organization and presentation of the Colombian Network project, we are also conducting a vigorous campaign to publicize the approval of the Judgment 629 from October 2010», clarifies Fidelia. According to the ruling of the High Court, people who exercise prostitution within the law, have the same rights as any worker. «In Bogota, in the neighborhood Tunjuelito, we recently had a meeting to publicize the work process and the fight that is taking place with the REDTRASEX, and we saw that our own fellows did not know about the sentence 629. It is important that we all know our rights and our obligations, and we are doing a lot of emphasis on this».

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