Sex work is not a crime



After a news show filmed sex workers with hidden cameras, Fundación Margen express their opposition against this invasion of privacy.

The program, along with the police, registered for six months female sex workers from the neighborhood of San Antonio with hidden cameras.

This criminalizes the work of female sex workers, does not protect their identity, portraits partially the reality of their context without making any contribution to improving the situation of Chilean fellows, in addition to further stigmatize their social role. For all of this, from the RedTraSex, we support the statement of Fundación Margen and we hope that many more voices join their fight.

Fundación Margen along with female sex workers from San Antonio neighborhood redacted a statement and it was released within the framework of the International Day of Female Sex Workers (June, 2). «It’s important to get public opinion on the problem of sexual exploitation and the rights of sex workers, especially in our country, where this space is socially and legally null,” said our fellows from Fundación Margen.

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