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Elena Reynaga, RedTraSex Executive Secretary, participated in the “Meeting of consensus on HIV counseling and testing in South America,” for the regional HIV Program of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

Reynaga was the representative of civil society organizations in the opening of the meeting, held in Bogota (Colombia), from 10th to 12th of April. This inaugural meeting was attended by officials from UNAIDS, PAHO/WHO Colombia, UNICEF, USAID and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia, with which the maximum referent of RedTraSex shared the stage.

In addition, the RedTraSex Executive Secretary presented the experience of the Counseling and Testing Center that A.M.M.A.R. has in the city of La Plata, with special emphasis on the difficulties and successes, which were shared with other countries in the region.

«For the network was very positive that PAHO invite us to make known our views with respect to testing, and the need for confidentiality in these studies, in defense of human rights of sex workers women,» said Reynaga.

The regional meeting aimed to identify strategies and make recommendations to expand access and coverage of HIV counseling and testing and improving their quality in South America. For this purpose, an analysis of the current situation was made; initiatives of counseling and HIV testing in South America were reviewed and were analyzed barriers and opportunities of implementing HIV testing in the South of Latin America.

Another issue highlighted by the RedTraSex Executive Secretary was the meeting with representatives of the Committee for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS/STI that connect the Uniformed Services (Armed Forces and Police) in Latin America and the Caribbean. Both organizations agreed on a common agenda, in which sex workers women are responsible to give workshops to the armed forces of various countries in the region.

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