Rejection of the resolution that leaves schools in Paraguay without sex education



Various human rights organizations in Paraguay, including UNES —member of REDTRASEX— issued an emphatic rejection of the resolution of the Ministry of Education and Culture that revokes sexual education in schools.

On 21 September, the Ministry of Education and Culture of Paraguay released Resolution Nº 35. 635 by which revokes the socialization of «Pedagogical Guiding Framework for Integral Sexual Education». In a statement signed by a large number of civil society organizations, including Unidas en la Esperanza (UNES), we warned about the danger of this measure.
«With this decision, you are avoiding boys/girls and adolescents from receiving lessons for prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and avoiding the opportunities of breaking down prejudices, myths and fears around this theme, because of the lack of information and clear approach of these and other issues related to the educational space”.

The organizations claim that the measure is arbitrary as well as irresponsible. The Pedagogical Guiding Framework that was put aside, is the result of a participatory development process with a focus on human rights, gender and equity, which foster the responsible exercise of sexuality, without any discrimination: «The decision of the Minister of Education and Culture of revoking the process of socialization and subsequent implementation of an educational policy proposal on sex education, which means irresponsibly disregard and ignore the State’s obligation to comply with the stipulations in Articles 46, 47, 61 and 73 of the Constitution of the Republic of Paraguay, in human rights instruments ratified international commitments in the field», says the statement, concluding with a call for consistency for the future of the students of Paraguay.

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