Regional Consultation on Universal Access



Between February 28 and March 2, the Regional Consultation and High-level Meeting on «Universal Access to Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support HIV/AIDS» was held in Mexico.

RedTraSex participated through its Executive Secretary, Elena Reynaga. Representatives from all sectors discussed recommendations and goals, and they worked around six priorities that defined these goals: Leadership & Social Commitment, Sustainability, Care, Stigma & Discrimination and Equity & Gender.
Talking about the meeting, Elena Reynaga told that «the major criticism we could make is that prior to the meeting should have been national consultation with civil society, and in most countries was not done. This has to do with a lack of political commitment from States”. She added that there is no genuine national budget to combat HIV, «the agenda of HIV has fallen from the agendas of most Latin American governments, where everything is exclusively around the Global Fund. We suggested it in Mexico: we must revisit the issue seriously in each country, in order to avoid losing the progress made in the Region in a short time».

Moreover, during her stay in Mexico, the Executive Secretary had a meeting with the Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United Nations Population Fund, Marcela Suazo, and they agreed to strengthen the participation of the REDTRASEX in the XII Feminist Meeting in Bogotá in November 2011.

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