RedTraSex supports the «Robin Hood» rate



The proposal involves a small tax on international financial transactions, and transform this tax in resources to help people who live in extreme poverty around the planet.

It implies taxing banking, currency and other financial transactions between institutions. This would be a tax built on the effects of financial speculation only between banks, not affecting final consumers.

REDTRASEX joined a global campaign, through which thousands of organizations and activists are asking on G-20 countries to adopt these taxes to promote health, education, gender equity, poverty eradication and environmental solutions.

In a context in which prioritizes poverty reduction while existing global funds are increasingly scarce, the G-20 countries will have this year a great responsibility in policy formulation.

From RedTraSex we believe in social justice and the responsibility of governments to cover the shortcomings generated by the same economic systems that they support. We are convinced that a tax to regulate the financial markets can help in creating additional and urgent funds for sustainable development.

To support the campaign, click here.

Videos of the campaign

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