REDTRASEX statement at the High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS 2016



We are the leaders of our lives. We decide about our bodies. We have rights and we demand they are respected.

We, women sex workers’, have learnt a lot in the last decades about how to work on ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We’ve learnt that firstly we need to build organizations with our identity. That’s why it’s as important as organization to be acknowledged as workers. We get stronger with this recognition: to denounce the human rights violations we suffer; to demand public policy from our governments; to sensitize health care staff and access integral attention; to achieve regularization of sex work that can guarantee better conditions and to end stigma and discrimination. Reaching, through all these actions, an integrated response to HIV/AIDS.

The following document expresses our detailed position on this fundamental matter that affects our health and our organization. We highlight our main learnings, explore some of the key facts, point out our agenda and focus to keep working.

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