RedTraSex and UNAIDS in Buenos Aires



Capitalizing on a visit to Argentina of César Núñez, REDTRASEX spoke with UNAIDS on the importance of continuing to support sex workers women’ organizations with proposals to the Global Fund.

On October 6, the REDTRASEX Executive Secretary —Elena Reynaga— met with César Núñez, director of the UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Latin America, and the local coordinator of the institution Rubén Mayorga. During the meeting, they discussed, among other issues, on the importance of demonstrating the remarkable development that have had sex worker women’s organizations that have been sub-recipients of Global Fund proposals. It is the case of Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay and Guatemala. REDTRASEX and UNAIDS will work together to make visible the important changes that occur within organizations and to the collective of sex workers women, the fact of being subsidized by the Global Fund in opposition to the development of the rest of the organizations that were only hired as manpower of projects.

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