Recognized for their fight



Special recognition to partners Miriam Gonzalez and Carmen Hernandez Osorio from MODEMU

On December 1st, at the Hotel Lina, the Presidential AIDS Council (Copresida) of the Dominican Republic, the Center for Integral Orientation and Investigation (COIN) and the Movimiento de Mujeres Unidas (MODEMU) launched the project «Vocational Education» aimed at providing training to 500 Dominican sex workers women in alternatives that will ensure job placement in case of need. The event was led by the First Lady of the Republic —Dr. Margarita Cedeño de Fernández—, Deputy Minister of Health —Dr. Nelson Rodriguez Monegro— and Dr. Gustavo Rojas Lara —Executive Director of Copresida—. It was informed that the the First Lady Office will assume the production and marketing components of the training project and will work with participating organizations in designing strategies to promote this sector.
This project was also held with the Ministry of Women, UNAIDS, the Institute of Technical and Vocational Training (Infotep) and the Center for Promotion and Human Solidarity (Ceprosh).
During the event, they gave a special recognition to fellows Miriam Gonzalez and Carmen Hernández Osorio, MODEMU members and focal points of RedTraSex, for his work on behalf of sex workers women in the prevention of STIs, HIV and AIDS in the country.

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