Police repressed sex workers women in Panama



The Network held a public accusation denouncing a repressive operative of the local police against sex workers women.

The Red Nacional de Trabajadoras Sexuales de Panamá denounced publicly that on 16 of October at 9.30 p.m. they were violently disrupted by police during a training meeting in the vicinity of Justo Arrosemena Avenue. Ten fellows were taken into custody under the pretext of disorder in public and disrespect for authority. Each one was charged a fine of between 80 and 100 dollars to release them. It was a combined operation between the municipal police and national police with at least eight patrols.

Dulce Ana Torres, representing the organization, reported that «police were patrolling the city without identification number». One official pointed her with a shotgun and pulled her into the car. «None of the agents had identification. We were shot with pepper spray, they treated us like animals».

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