Meetings with social key actors



In Bolivia, fellows from ONAEM have made ​​a series of coordination meetings with social key actors as headquarters and the Ombudsman’s Office among others.

«The goal of participating in these meetings is to listen and decide what is best for us, sex workers women. In addition, to make our demands to the respective authorities of the different departments, as though realities are similar, there are different nuances in each of them», says Evelia Yucra, representative of the entity.

In Pando, for example, the representative of the organization, Edith Cartagena, ratified to public authorities and functionaries, the social demands as the recognition of labor rights of sex workers women to perform their work without bosses, and demanded the full access of integral health with quality and warmth.

In La Paz, on February 8, all ONAEM representatives had a meeting with Dr Carola Valencia
—Responsible of HIV/AIDS Program— and Claudia Cardozo —Director of the Ibis-Hivos Association Global Fund Bolivia Project— to require the provision of condoms and drugs not only established for PLHIV (people Living with HIV), but also for sex workers women. «From ONAEM we are concerned because the provision of condoms to sex workers women has been drastically cut out from the Departmental Monitoring and Reference Centers».

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