Labor Day. Statement.


This May 1st, the 126 anniversary of Labor Day is commemorated as a tribute to the workers and union leaders murdered in particular during the fight for fair working hours, new challenges and opportunities are presented for the working class.

Sex workers women who integrate RedTraSex, we commemorate those who fought for our rights. But today we celebrate the achievements attained in the field of labor rights.

We define ourselves as sex workers, and from this definition we raise our voice to our activity be recognized as work, and as such, regulated by laws and labor rights.

We want our decision-making capacity to be respected, our integrity at work to be protected investigating abuse and violence, and eradicating impunity for gangs who profit from our work. It is imperative to legislate and amend laws that reach sex work ensuring that we be heard in a legislative process that involves us.

For our right to participate in building a more inclusive social model in the economic and political, that ensures recovery and quality of life of sex workers women in particular and the population in general.


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