Interview with Gloria Careaga*


Interview made during the 12th Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Meeting in Colombia

How did you find the Meeting?
It was very interesting, especially because its methodology allowed us to see new points of view. This meeting shows that we are making progress in the participation of populations that were not seen as sex workers women. This is very important for us because it is a challenge that feminist movement had for a long time.

What are the important points that you can highlight on the participation of sex workers women?

Co-facilitate together with REDTRASEX the plenary «Political Body, Sexual and Reproductive Rights» and that sex workers women are present among the participants was that gave people a new vision on sexuality and caused the emergence of new questions. I think we have worked very little the subject “Reproduction”, because the interest of people focused much on the discussion about “Sexuality”. The questions of the attendees made it clear that Sexuality is little discussed yet. It was very important that sex workers women, trans, HIV+ women were there. This is a very good opportunity to expand our perspective.

What criticisms would you do?

Well, the next would be good to see what we have learned, for example, that Sexuality and Reproduction are two different tables. From the Technical Bureau we assumed that the discussion would focus more on Reproduction, because the abortion issue is very present in the region.

I also believe that on sex work there are different viewpoints, and that’s why we need you to be in every table. That will let fall many prejudices and stereotypes that we have built. For other women who were at the table on Sexuality and Reproduction, I’m sure it was very beneficial: all recognized it, that it had opened their minds, that it had changed their point of view… and that’s why we need you to be on every table.

How do you see the movement of sex workers women within the feminist fight?

I think the great advantage of the movement of sex workers women is that they have an identity. For example, within the lesbian movement, we had to discuss much about the recognition and position within the Feminist Congress itself for discussion also about our situation. In this sense, sex workers women have advantages because they are starting now in a position with respect for their work, that we -as lesbians- never discussed in theses spaces. It’s almost labor discrimination suffered by the collective for example. Then there are elements that allow us to look at those dimensions in which sex workers have to fight such as housing, immigration, employment and education. There are several dimensions in which the movement of sex workers women has been working beyond the sexual and reproductive health. Maybe it has to be done a design on the most important dimensions in which they are involved and to expand the analysis. But this placed the movement in another position. They not only fight for their identity. In defining «Sex work is not Trafficking» they are already linking to something else.


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