International Day to End Violence against Female Sex Workers



On December 17 we commemorate this day as a way to remember the female sex workers victims of the murderer in Green River, Seattle (Washington).

Fellows from OMES Guatemala will walk to get attention over the continuous acts of violence and injustices to which female sex workers are subjected to.

«Today we denounce again the crimes committed against female sex workers as well as the need to end the stigma and discrimination due abolitionist laws», declared from OMES.

In Latin America and the Caribbean each year hundreds of women die and their murders go unpunished. (See the Record of Crimes of Female Sex Workers prepared by RedTraSex).

In this sense, from OMES it was highlighted that the march on December 17th is a way to join forces, of remember and commemorate all those fellows who have lost their lives in the ongoing struggle for justice and rights.

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