Informed women are empowered women



Between October and November Fundación Margen developed its training course of Chilean and migrants instructors for HIV/AIDS prevention.

The project, developed with co-funding from the Regional Ministerial Secretariat, took place in the neighborhood of San Antonio and its primary purpose is to improve quality of life of Chilean sex workers and, specifically, of migrants.

Through peer education, workshops are held weekly to train twenty instructors on prevention of HIV/AIDS and STIs, self-care and sexual and reproductive rights.

«The formation of new leaders that replicate knowledge and experiences points to the incidence of best practices for coexistence among female sex workers and other agents of the public space where sex trade is exercised —whether neighbors, police, bystanders and customers— for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS and violence in the workplace», said Herminda Gonzalez.

Each of the female sex workers who participated of the workshops has a certification as monitors that manage not only the possibility of empowering women around the organization and through peer education, but also promotes the continuity of the experience, this time guided by new leaders.

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