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Onaem organized a press conference to refer to misleading information published by the press recently

On July 12, ONAEM fellows held a press conference at the organization place in order to clarify some inaccuracies, pernicious under its point of view, which had been published in the Bolivian newspaper «Los Tiempos» in its June 10 edition. Among other things, the note referred to sex worker women in Cochabamba not attending checkups regularly. Press conference was attended by four television stations (ATB4, Channel 13, Channel 7 and Channel 9) and newspapers “Los Tiempos” (from Cochabamba) and “Opinión” (National). The conference proceeded in a good way, and they talked about topics related to labor rights and health care rights of workers. ONAEM also presented data from a survey conducted by the organization in last April and May. This study tells that 93% of 361 sex workers surveyed in Cochabamba attend their health checkup at the Center for Monitoring and Reference (Cedevir). «We are tired of their continued talking on our behalf,» said one of the representatives during the conference where she made clear that many people who are not from the organization give false or distorted information about sex workers women.
In addition, on July 21, Evelia Yucra Asillo —ONAEM National President—, Gustavo Moreira, —leader of the Central Obrera Boliviana Cochabamba (COB)— and Gisela Alcocer —journalist of «Noche a noche»— participated in a broadcast on Channel C from Cochabamba, where they talked about proposals and demands of the organization of sex workers women. COB leader expressed his solidarity with the sector and gave guidelines to procure the inclusion of our proposals in the Bolivian Labor Law. The program also conducted a survey via Facebook regarding whether to recognize sex work as work. The audience response was very positive, where a majority was in favor of recognizing sex work in the labor law.

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