Honorees for their work



Fellows from Mujeres con Dignidad y Derecho were lionized by the Agrupación Genesis for the International Day of Female Sex Workers.

During the commemoration of this day, Panamanian fellows vigil for the female sex workers fallen in 1975, but also by the murdered after that date. “As 36 years ago, our fellows continue dying by violence. That’s why today is an important day for making visible our issues and make ourselves heard”, said Juana Torres, president of Mujeres con Dignidad y Derecho.

The fellows had the opportunity to talk with the media and explain in their own words the discrimination they receive from different sectors. “Today, unlike a year ago, from the media seek us and expect us to give our opinions. That was a breakthrough”, said Juana.

The Ombudsman understood this progress and growth, and accompanied the sex workers from Mujeres con Dignidad y Derecho during the activities organized for June 2.

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