«From claim to the proposal – Futa trawun che mapu»


Under this slogan the female sex workers from Fundación Margen participated in the 1st
National Meeting of People Living with HIV / AIDS in Chile.

The working days —organized by Fundación Savia and the National Network of Indigenous People— were aimed at sharing experiences of how the 30 organizations convened approach HIV prevention.

«It was useful for knowing other organizations, better understanding of the culture of female sex workers who come from indigenous peoples and for building networks. We will kept in contact with many women’s organizations to support each other in workshops and activities that we will do«, said Herminda González, president of the Fundación.

Referents from Margen exposed about how they carry out their work among peers, about the risks faced by female sex workers on the street, «we took advantage of the meeting to make visible our situation«, said Herminda, who added: «Our challenge this year is, while continuing our visits and chats with female sex workers, to achieve further publicize of our reality«.


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