“Friendly” Health Centers



We share a study that shows how a Comprehensive Health Center can help with decreasing the prevalence of HIV and STIs.

The presence of a friendly Comprehensive Health Center has a direct impact in reducing risk behaviors and, therefore, in lowest infections of HIV/AIDS. This is demonstrated through the study: «Prevalence of HIV and Treponema Pallidum in female sex workers in Argentina«.

The research was undertaken at national level by the University of Buenos Aires and AMMAR, and it aimed at estimating the prevalence of HIV and Treponema Pallidum infections in female sex workers in Argentina, and to describe the social and demographic characteristics of this population group associated with HIV transmission.
Particularly, it emphasizes the Comprehensive Health Center Sandra Cabrera, located in the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires.

The center is a unique and innovative experience in Latin America, specifically for female sex workers, co-managed by themselves and by a public organism: the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires province.

With their work, it achieves the objective of ensuring the right of access to health of sex workers and population of the region, providing comprehensive care, without prejudice or discrimination.

The study shows that the presence of a place of health care for female sex workers contributes to a comprehensive response to the problems they face, and favors its approach to health systems, directly influencing the reduction of risk behaviors and therefore, HIV infection.

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