For the Rights and Duties of Female Sex Workers



Between the months of September and October Fundación Margen implemented this project aimed to peer-work on human and legal rights.

This series of trainings were implemented with support from the Fundación de Educación Popular en Salud (Foundation for Popular Education in Health), EPES, aimed to disseminate work and organize female sex workers in the San Antonio neighborhood in Santiago de Chile.

«Fundación Margen made diagnosis on the needs of fellows working in the region, from which we set a priority to work on issues such as violence, repression and discrimination faced by female sex workers», said Herminda Gonzalez, president of the Chilean organization.

Along with the sector’s women, a lawyer and the Fundación Margen team was made a research diagnosis on legal regulations that frame and regulate the sex trade in Chile. As a result, a leaflet we designed explaining their rights and duties, in addition to the civil, penal and health codes that address sex work in our country, and information on sexual health centers in the metropolitan region.

Then, we make daytime and evening workshops in the street, where we spread and explained the material as a tool to defend their rights and self-care. Besides awareness workshops were organized with the women of San Antonio, where opportunities for reflection and collective understanding were generated.

«While this project, through an information campaign, was not intended to address the problem of discrimination, violence and repression against female sex workers, it opened a door that allowed make visible the work of women in the sex trade, and their empowerment in relation to awareness and defense of their rights», explained from the organization, very satisfied with the results of the work performed.

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