Female sex workers in key areas



Members of the Network of Female Sex Workers from Latin America and the Hispanic Caribbean (RedTraSex) presented the regional project that is being implemented by the Network with support from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria at the CONAMUSA (Country Coordinating Mechanism or CCM) of Peru.

In order to ensure synergy between the national funding for HIV prevention and the regional project of the network, Elena Reynaga —Executive Secretary of RedTraSex— and Elizabeth Molina López —coordinator of the Andean Sub-regional Node and member of the Board of RedTraSex— explained the characteristics and the progress of the project which aims to develop the capabilities of network organizations to improve program implementation, design of policies and review of legal frameworks involving female sex workers.

The meeting took place while in Lima, Peru, RedTraSex was developing a regional workshop for its member organizations; and in the process of strengthening such organizations are undertaking to that female sex workers can occupy new spaces of decision making.

In this sense, CONAMUSA is a key area: it is a coordinating body made up of representatives of Government, international agencies and civil society working to influence national policies on prevention of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

The meeting between the CCM and RedTraSex was attended, among others, by officials from the Global Fund —the Portfolio Manager Noemie Restrepo and the Programme Officer Nuria Diez Ungo—, the Vice Minister of Health —Dr. José del Carmen—, the Technical Secretary of CONAMUSA —Dr. José Pajuelo—, the Secretary of the HIV-AIDS area —Dr. José Luis Mesones— and representatives of the Ministries of Defense, Justice and Human Rights and Interior.

Female sex workers reached a new place to make their voices heard. «The meeting was very productive, the fellow Silvia Torres —focal point of the network in Peru— was invited to integrate CONAMUSA in representation of female sex workers in this country«, said Elena Reynaga who was pleased by this first step in the relation with the CCM in Peru.

This is another milestone towards the main objective of the RedTraSex: improve and increase participation of female sex workers in decision-making spaces and achieve recognition as subjects able to discuss and propose alternatives to the complex situations which are exposed daily. This work means breaking with the exclusion and speaking from their own voices.

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