Empowerment in the departmental affiliates



Bolivia sex workers held workshops in La Paz, where an office will open soon. Institutional values, pension and social insurance were some of the issues.

On July 6, ONAEM fellows provided the second workshop with ODAEMs presidents (subsidiaries department). On this occasion was held in La Paz, where it has been managing also the representation of the organization in the city. The meeting hovered around several topics, including institutional values, pension and social insurance, as well as surveys logistics and the affiliation of sex workers women, which already began in the departments.
Besides, the representatives held several meetings to manage resources and make agreements with organizations in the capital city. Thus, they met the Embassy of Spain, Gender Unit and Connection Fund for Emancipation from Capacitación y Derechos Ciudadanos (CDC). With this latest, ONAEM is about to sign an agreement to ensure legal advice in person and/or online. They also held a meeting with Ms. Betty Pinto, national coordinator of the program of human rights of migrants and women in the Ombudsman, and together they designed actions to stop police violence against sex worker women.

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