Elections in La Sala


La Sala elected new board and for the first time a sex worker woman was elected president.

On September 10, the Asociación La Sala of Costa Rica held its elections for the renewal of the board. Through a regular meeting held at the headquarters of the organization, thirty-three members able to vote elected as a representative to the presidency to Yaxiri Ribera Quiros, an activist sex worker woman. In addition, the board was composed by Teresa Días Arias, Ericka Ríos, Darlin García Rosales, Rosa Dias Arias, Kattia Villalovos and Sandra Marin Murillo

La Sala’s representative of REDTRASEX, Nubia Ordoñez, said it is a big step for them to be represented for the first time by a sex worker woman: «I know that with much effort and dedication we will grow up this organization”. Moreover, in the same assembly, her representation in the Country Coordinating Mechanism was confirmed as well as the representation of Yamilith Parrales Galeano as alternative member.


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