Defending The Defender – Women Human Rights defenders in Uganda face unlawful criminalization



From RedTraSex we support the work of all organizations that defend human rights of sex workers and respect their autonomy. We repudiate the criminalization of sex work, further undermining those who practice it.

We share a note of the *Association for Women’s Rights in Development* telling the persecution faced by female sex workers in Uganda and social organizations working with them for their rights.

We believe essential to disseminate such abusive actions by the police, in this case of Uganda, and giving visibility to violence on the female sex workers for exercising their profession.

Within months of the *Global Commission on HIV and the Law «Risks, Rights and Health«* offered recommendations to countries on sex work (among other issues) to ensure an effective and sustainable response to HIV, this information appears and instead of working for the rights of sex workers, they only violate them.

From the Latin American and Caribbean region we send our full support to the Ugandan fellows.

* Read full note*

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