Building Capacities



Fellows from Mujeres con Dignidad y Derecho have participated in the last months in workshops and meetings in order to improve their field work.

Talks on the proper use of condoms, voluntary HIV testing, prevention of STD and work in friendly-clinics were some of the activities that the members of Mujeres con Dignidad y Derecho organized for other fellows and for medics that wanted to know how female sex workers are organized and how they provided support to their peers on health issues.

As part of their organizational strengthening, the Panamanian fellows participated in workshops on Leadership, Human Rights, Working methodologies among peers, HIV prevention and Family violence organized by different institutions.

«Our Voice»

Fellows from Panama were invited by the radio station «Mia» to share everyday situations that female sex workers are exposed to with the police, authority that violates their rights and abuse of their role through bribes and fines. «We could talk for an hour and we feel very good about having a place to share our experiences with people. In fact, many people call congratulating us for our work, for stepping up», said Juana Torres, president of Mujeres con Dignidad y Derecho.

Being, staying and participate

Women of the member organization of the RedTraSex, Mujeres con Dignidad y Derecho, are considered referents in the approach of sex work from an integral-health view. For this reason, the Ministry of Health of Panama through the National Program on STD/HIV/AIDS invited them to be part of Red de Atención Integral y contínua del HIV (a network of integral and continuous care of HIV) with the goal of developing strategies of continuous and integral care of HIV. It is a multidisciplinary space composed of different types of organizations working on the issue of HIV/AIDS. «We were invited to participate for the ‘successful work’ we do. By being taken into account, we feel very happy».

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