On October 27, fellows from Orquídeas del Mar celebrated the fifth birthday of the organization that was founded in 2005 to defend the rights of sex workers women in El Salvador.

For that reason, they made ​​a presentation where highlighted as one of the most important achievements in its history, their success in making visible the problems of sex workers women in the country and the significant increase in their participation in national and international political incidence places. In addition, they also stressed the importance of having managed to acquire its legal status. Among other things, they considered of great political value that Orquídeas del Mar is currently the RedTraSex focal point in El Salvador. The Network Executive Secretary, Elena Reynaga, attended the presentation and provided emotional words to the fellows.
After five years, Orquídeas del Mar managed to equip their offices and provide regular services of counseling pre and post test for HIV/AIDS and for women victims of violence. It also provides empowerment workshops as well as counseling services to those in need.

During the visit of the REDTRASEX Executive Secretary, besides celebrating the birthday of the association, two workshops were provided. The first day was attended by more than 40 fellow sex workers women and the second day they were almost 70. The topics of the meetings were «The Importance of Leadership and Organization in the Fight» and «Sexual and Reproductive Health Care».

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