AMMAR remembered Sandra Cabrera



The organization shared with fellows from the Central de Trabajadores Argentinos, the film that recounts the fight of Sandra Cabrera, AMMAR militant killed in 2004.

«Sex, dignity and death: Sandra Cabrera, unpunished crime”, film from the director Lucrecia Mastrangelo, was screened during the event. The film explores the life of Sandra, leader of AMMAR Rosario, and sheds light on the episode that ended with her life in January 2004, after being shot in the head.
After the screening, the participants exchanged views and feelings about the documentary. A fellow from CTA Capital said to have been very impressed with the film, that «I now understand much more about AMMAR’s fight» and that she supports the organization more than ever «because you must to have ovaries to stand in a corner and deal with such situations of vulnerability«.

The General Secretary of AMMAR, Claudia Carranza, remarked the current problems faced by female sex workers in relation to closings of whiskey-bars and pubs that took place recently in cities across the country under the guise of fighting human trafficking. In this regard, said that «to get out of this situation, there has to be a law regulating sex work, to really prosecute trafficking mafias, and not to our fellows who work independently and voluntarily«.

The Argentinean organization continues its work to regulate an activity involving women, often mothers, who should have the same employment rights as any other woman. Is there a more legitimate claim?
Source: AMMAR (National)

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