Against trafficking or against human rights?



From RedTraSex we express our opposition to the recent decree by the Ministry of Interior and Transportation of Argentina which since 1st August 2012 will require a visa to the Dominican who want to enter Argentina, as a supposed measure to prevent trafficking in persons.

We argue that all repressive and restrictive measures that criminalize migration are ineffective against trafficking in persons. On the contrary promote clandestinity, smuggling of migrants and generate greater marginalization.

There are no specific experiences where greater control of migration has contributed to the necessary and urgent fight against human trafficking that the Argentine government intends to. Instead, the measure will increase the vulnerability to low-income people who wish to enter the country.

Those who wish to enter will be subject to the criterion of the consul that interview them or they will be exposed to people who want to exploit the situation by promising transportation, easier access to visas, among other situations.

For these reasons we joined the campaign, demanding both Argentinean and Dominican governments to fight human trafficking with the participation of key stakeholders and supported on concrete and real experiences.


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